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Honestly, Tell Me What I Need to Hear

Truth Builds TrustYears ago when I was a high school teacher, my principal sat me down for my annual review. He listed all the things I did well, but then gently told me that I didn’t seem to have a passion for teaching, that I didn’t appear comfortable or confident in front of the class, and therefore I wasn’t engaging my students. These comments hurt. I cried for days. But then I thought about it, and he was right. I’m sure it was hard for him to tell me Continue Reading →

Why I Love My Home – 205 N Webster Jackson MI

“Dear Home Buyer,


I bought this home about a year and a half ago and have really loved living here.  One of the reasons I love this home is the neighborhood.  It is close to a lot of great restaurants, shopping, and the highway.  After looking at many homes in the area, I fell in love with this one because of its open floor plan, and its low maintenance features.  I love the enclosed porch, and all the closet room in the bedrooms. Continue Reading →

Michigan home values rank 7th in the Nation for price increases.

Saturday Quick StatsMichigan home values are increasing.  According to a recent report by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, Michigan home values are up an average of 9.43% in the last year.  This puts Michigan in the Top 10 for home value increases.

The top states are those in the West, with Michigan and Minnesota standing out from the rest of the Great Lake States with higher than normal home value increases.

Nevada had the nation’s highest gains at 24.32% over the last year.  West Virginia is at the bottom of the list with -1.78% loss in home values.  It should be noted that West Virginia was the only state in the Country with a loss in home values.  The rest of the Country was all in the positive.   Continue Reading →

Trust a Realtor’s Expertise

Keep Calm - Trust a RealtorMy husband and I attended a surprise birthday party last night, and one of the guests was a fellow Realtor® from a different firm. We spent the evening talking about everything from soccer teams to office pranks when the conversation eventually turned to real estate. He mentioned one of his frustrations is when someone hires him to list a house, asks for his advice, and doesn’t follow it. Then, after six months or longer on the market, the seller decides to switch agents, and that new agent tells the seller the exact same thing, the sellers listen and the house sells instantly.  The new agent gets paid, the old agent gets nothing. I can’t tell you how often that happens, and it isn’t fun. Continue Reading →

Jackson Michigan Market Statistics – February 2014

Jackson Michigan Market StatisticsAnother month is in the books, and sale prices in Jackson County continue to rise.  We may have sold less homes than last year, but the average sale price skyrocketed!

The average sale price is $117,308 for the month of February, with 84 homes sold in the county.  Last year 120 homes sold with an average sale price of only $84,343. Continue Reading →