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What To Do Before Signing Your Lease: An Interview with Ben Latocki of Production Realty

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

I have been a Realtor in Jackson MI for over ten years, and I opened Production Realty in 2009. We have grown from a small sales office with one location to a full service office currently with three locations. A sales office both in Jackson and Grass Lake MI, and a Rental Property Management location in Jackson MI. We currently manage around 200 properties and have 10 full time sales agents. Continue Reading →

Time Moves Us Forward – Realtors Are Therapists

Realtors are therapistsOver the years, some of my clients have mentioned that I wear a lot of hats. Realtors are therapists, counselors, financial advisers, accountants, attorneys, relationship advisers, and life coaches. We don’t enter into our relationships with these thoughts, but it inevitably ends up that way. We don’t mind. It’s part of why we enjoy our job.

So many times during a transaction, issues arise that need to be sorted through. Sellers might be going through a divorce so decisions need to be made while emotions are flared. Maybe adult children are faced with the finality of selling their childhood home; trying to negotiate a price is hard when sentimental value is running strong. Or maybe shortly after finding the perfect house, a buyer loses a job… or a parent… or faces a medical diagnosis. As the agent, we go through all the emotions alongside our client. Continue Reading →

Why I Love My Home – Jackson MI Home For Sale with Video

“Dear Buyer,
I have always loved the layout of this home. It has stairs, but you don’t have to tackle so many at once. The rooms are big. The backyard is beautiful. In the summer you can’t see anything behind as the trees provide natural fencing. I have developed a little park in the back with a fire pit and pergola. It makes me feel like I’m in the country. I can sit back in that area and feel like no one can see. It’s very peaceful. It is a wonderful place for children and/or pets. The fenced back yard sold me.

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Jackson MI Average Sale Prices Up 10%

Jackson MI Real Estate Market Up 10%Jackson MI real estate market statistics are in for the first quarter of 2014, and things are looking great.

According to the Jackson Area Association of Realtors, the average sale price has gone up from $92,903 during the first quarter of 2013 to $102,053 during the first quarter of 2014. That is s 9.8% increase in the average sale price. Continue Reading →

Realtors Don’t Quit

Realtors Don't QuitA little over a year ago I hired a personal trainer to help whip me into shape. I meet with him about four times a week, and it’s definitely a team effort to fit that time into my schedule when I work full-time, work a lot of evenings and weekends, have a husband that actually enjoys my company and have young kids that still like having their mom around. What I have found is that not only is he getting my body in shape, but everything else in my life has become better, too. Maybe it’s because when someone pushes you further than you think is ever possible, it opens your mind to what other things you are capable of. I read a quote once that said, “Your mind quits long before your body does.” So true. But if I want to relate this quote to real estate, then it should read, “Your client quits long before your Realtor does.” Continue Reading →