Time Moves Us Forward – Realtors Are Therapists

Realtors are therapistsOver the years, some of my clients have mentioned that I wear a lot of hats. Realtors are therapists, counselors, financial advisers, accountants, attorneys, relationship advisers, and life coaches. We don’t enter into our relationships with these thoughts, but it inevitably ends up that way. We don’t mind. It’s part of why we enjoy our job.

So many times during a transaction, issues arise that need to be sorted through. Sellers might be going through a divorce so decisions need to be made while emotions are flared. Maybe adult children are faced with the finality of selling their childhood home; trying to negotiate a price is hard when sentimental value is running strong. Or maybe shortly after finding the perfect house, a buyer loses a job… or a parent… or faces a medical diagnosis. As the agent, we go through all the emotions alongside our client.

Realtors are therapists.  We talk it through, we listen, we cry, and we problem solve. We offer advice and unconditional support. We seek help and we contemplate. We want our clients to know that they are not alone. We are in this together. We are here for as long as they need us to get to their end goal. 

But what about that end goal? Then what?

It’s always hard to build a deep connection with our clients, and then to let go after closing. There is always a sense of loss; a sense of searching for the new normal.  Of course we’re all excited that we finally reached our end goal, but the next few days are hard to settle into the reality that everyone has moved on. Going from talking to someone several times a day to an occasional brush of communication isn’t easy.

Yes, there are new clients who await us. Yes, our buyers are ready to make their new house a home. And yes, our sellers are ready to move on to their next stage. Fortunately, time is the gift of letting go and moving forward with whatever is next in line. But as time shuffles on, and relationships are reshaped and forever changed, just know that our time with you, although limited, was meaningful. And we appreciate you for letting us into your life.