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House Hunting is like Dating

house huntingOver the years I’ve noticed that house hunting shares many similarities with dating. With dating, you look for someone that catches your eye, that you can enjoy spending time with, and hope that, as time goes on, that person becomes your forever love. Dating is all about finding the match. Such it is with house hunting.

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Lowball Offer – Now What?

lowballWhack! That’s the sound of getting hit by a lowball offer on your home. You’ve probably heard about lowball offers: Offers that are much lower than a listing price. Maybe your list agent prepped you for the possibility of one, or maybe you got blindsided by one. Regardless of the preparation involved, it hurts. But, thankfully, there is a little more to it than just being a number written on a page.

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Beware of Rental Scams Online

Con artist have a new trick up their sleeves, and it can be a doozy.  These rental scams can be done from anywhere in the world and it is pretty simple.  Con Artists find a nice home that is listed for sale or rent by a reputable company.  Then they copy all the photos and advertise it for rent at about half the going rate.  Continue Reading →

Baby, It’s Cold Inside! Who pays for home repairs after a sale?

2014 blizzardLast week, we were held captive in our home for three days by record breaking low temperatures and a ridiculous snow storm. My biggest worry was about how our submersible pump would hold up in our deep well outside. Granted, it should do fine, but we’ve never dealt with weather this cold before, so I just wasn’t sure. Well, the well pump held up fine, but our furnace did not.
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Idiots Can Buy a House, So Can You

Buy a House

Buying a house, especially if this is your first one, can sometimes be a little daunting at the beginning. Your friends have bought a house, your parents have done it, and even the idiot down the street managed to buy a house.  So obviously you can buy a house too.

“How do I buy a house? Where do I start? I know I can’t just pick a house and buy it.”

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