Average Sale Price up 20% in Jackson Michigan

“2013 has been an excellent year for us. We are excited to see the real estate market continue its upward trend.”
-Ben Latocki, Broker/Owner of Production Realty

2013 Market Statistics

The average sale price for a residential home in
Jackson County ended up at $111,875.

This is up from $93,006 in 2012, and $88,543 in 2011.

Average Sale Price in Jackson County Michigan

This is a vast improvement from our lowest point in 2009 when our average residential sale price was only $75,688. The last time we saw home values at this level was in 2007.

Average Sales Price Jackson MI 2007-2013

Another statistic I like to keep an eye on is the number of houses sold.
1,973 houses sold in Jackson County in 2013.
This is higher than last year; last year we sold 1,853 houses.

Units Sold 2007-2013

With values and production increasing, we are very excited about the year to come.