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Press Release: Rookie Realtor Sells Over 1 Million Dollars in First Year.

Kevin Reeve, Realtor with Production Realty in Jackson MI has hit a goal that very few agents ever hit. In one of the most competitive industries to break into, Kevin Reeve sold 1.2 Million Dollars of real estate in his first year. While 85% of new agents drop out of the business within 2 years, Kevin’s dedication to his clients has made him stand out.

Congratulations! We love our new home!” Sheri S. – Client

Kevin Reeve Realtor

Kevin Reeve, who is also a successful race car driver on the side, knows what it takes to be a winning Realtor.

Whether selling or buying real estate, Kevin has your back.

Watch as he races to the top of the real estate industry.



Kevin Reev Realtor Production Realty

Kevin Reeve Realtor

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Production Realty now has Google Street View on Google Maps

Production Realty is the First Google Street View Trusted Real Estate Firm in Michigan.

Google street view Production Realty

Production Realty’s Virtual Reality (VR) Technology is now approved for Google Maps. Our listings are featured on the worlds largest map, Google Maps.

“Home Buyers are using Google Street View to research a neighborhood, now they can also check out the inside of our listings.” – Ben Latocki, Broker/Owner of Production Realty

With our 360 Degree Virtual Reality Tours on Google Maps, Home Buyer’s can tour our listings the same way they tour a neighborhood. 

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5 Things Every Realtor Should Be Doing To Sell Homes For Top Dollar

Top Producers know what it takes to sell a home for top dollar. Top Producing Agents have excellent negotiation skills, great communication skills, and a full blown marketing plan. It is hard to know if an agent has the first two, but at a minimum their marketing plan should include these 5 things every Realtor should be doing to sell homes for top dollar.

Sell Homes for Top Dollar

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Thinking about moving? We Can Help!

thinking about moving we can help

My husband and I have been thinking about moving. It’s been a really hard decision. We love our house, our yard, our neighborhood, and especially our neighbors. We built our house to meet our needs, and it still meets our needs ten years later.

So why move? Well, basically, I’m sick of driving. We live outside my kids’ school district, so between school, practice, piano lessons, work, and everything else, all I do is drive. And it’s only going to get worse over the next seven years.

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Top 5 Reasons Everyone Needs a Luxury Home Specialist

Luxury Home Specialist Production RealtyEveryone needs a luxury home specialist, even if you have a normal home to sell. Technology has made it possible for everyone to benefit from Production Realty’s Million Dollar Marketing. Everyday we help homeowners sell for top dollar. Using our proven techniques, we routinely sell homes at all price points for up to 10% more than the competition.

Here are the top 5 reasons everyone needs a Luxury Home Specialist.

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Time Moves Us Forward – Realtors Are Therapists

Realtors are therapistsOver the years, some of my clients have mentioned that I wear a lot of hats. Realtors are therapists, counselors, financial advisers, accountants, attorneys, relationship advisers, and life coaches. We don’t enter into our relationships with these thoughts, but it inevitably ends up that way. We don’t mind. It’s part of why we enjoy our job.

So many times during a transaction, issues arise that need to be sorted through. Sellers might be going through a divorce so decisions need to be made while emotions are flared. Maybe adult children are faced with the finality of selling their childhood home; trying to negotiate a price is hard when sentimental value is running strong. Or maybe shortly after finding the perfect house, a buyer loses a job… or a parent… or faces a medical diagnosis. As the agent, we go through all the emotions alongside our client. Continue Reading →

Jackson MI Average Sale Prices Up 10%

Jackson MI Real Estate Market Up 10%Jackson MI real estate market statistics are in for the first quarter of 2014, and things are looking great.

According to the Jackson Area Association of Realtors, the average sale price has gone up from $92,903 during the first quarter of 2013 to $102,053 during the first quarter of 2014. That is s 9.8% increase in the average sale price. Continue Reading →

Honestly, Tell Me What I Need to Hear

Truth Builds TrustYears ago when I was a high school teacher, my principal sat me down for my annual review. He listed all the things I did well, but then gently told me that I didn’t seem to have a passion for teaching, that I didn’t appear comfortable or confident in front of the class, and therefore I wasn’t engaging my students. These comments hurt. I cried for days. But then I thought about it, and he was right. I’m sure it was hard for him to tell me Continue Reading →

Trust a Realtor’s Expertise

Keep Calm - Trust a RealtorMy husband and I attended a surprise birthday party last night, and one of the guests was a fellow Realtor® from a different firm. We spent the evening talking about everything from soccer teams to office pranks when the conversation eventually turned to real estate. He mentioned one of his frustrations is when someone hires him to list a house, asks for his advice, and doesn’t follow it. Then, after six months or longer on the market, the seller decides to switch agents, and that new agent tells the seller the exact same thing, the sellers listen and the house sells instantly.  The new agent gets paid, the old agent gets nothing. I can’t tell you how often that happens, and it isn’t fun. Continue Reading →

Jackson Michigan Market Statistics – February 2014

Jackson Michigan Market StatisticsAnother month is in the books, and sale prices in Jackson County continue to rise.  We may have sold less homes than last year, but the average sale price skyrocketed!

The average sale price is $117,308 for the month of February, with 84 homes sold in the county.  Last year 120 homes sold with an average sale price of only $84,343. Continue Reading →