How to Buy a House | Three Steps to Homeownership

Production Realty Presents the Three Steps to Homeownership.
How to Buy a House

Three simple steps to homeownership. The American dream is not as hard as you may think. We can help make it a reality.
Step 1 – Get Pre-Approved
Unless you are lucky enough to have the cash to purchase a home, you will want to talk with your bank about getting a mortgage to buy a house. It is wise to speak to a few lenders, but it may be convenient to start with your current banking institution. Your bank or credit union will already have a lot of the information you will need to qualify for a loan. When this step is done you will get a “Pre-Approval Letter”. This step is FREE!

Step 2 – Look at Houses
Now it is time to call Production Realty and get a REALTOR. Your REALTOR can schedule a showing for any house you want to see. We can show you any house that is for sale, even foreclosures. Only call YOUR REALTOR for showings or questions. Your REALTOR will protect your best interest, and help you find the perfect home. This step is also FREE!

Step 3 – Bid and Close!
As soon as you find your perfect home, it will be time to buy it. Production Realty will help you make an offer on your future home, negotiate the best terms for you, and then start the closing process. Unfortunately, this is where you may have to start spending some money. After all your inspections and your lender has given final approval, WE CLOSE! Congratulations, you just bought your own home!!!!

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