Realtors Have Heard it All – Keep Calm and Call Your Realtor

Back during his residency, my brother-in-law told us some pretty crazy stories of patients coming in with heinous ailments and injuries. And I know all those people didn’t migrate to just him, because we’ve all heard some strange things from other doctors as well. In fact, I just ran across a story on Facebook about the top 20 dumb patients to come to the ER.

One patient wanted to know if he could “catch” diabetes from a one night stand with a diabetic woman. Another was prescribed a medical patch every few days and she came in to complain that she had run out of room to put all the patches (not realizing you take the old one off and put the new one on…). Since my brother-in-law doesn’t tell us those stories anymore, I’m guessing it means that nothing really surprises him anymore, and he just goes about his day.

I recently found out that one of my long time investors had his primary residence foreclosed on. I didn’t realize it was his house until a buyer requested a showing on it and I did some research. The buyer and I are good friends, and I mumbled about why my investor didn’t come to me for help when he found out he was in trouble. My buyer said, “Pride”.

This got me thinking… how often do we not reach out for help because of our pride?  Whether it be for a medical ailment, an addiction, or something as simple as a task at work, isn’t it better to ask for help and guidance than to face everything alone?

When I started with a personal trainer 15 months ago, I was mortified when he made me stand on the scale every day in front of him. He finally told me to stop it because it wasn’t a big deal to him. It’s his job and he really doesn’t care about what the number is as long as it is moving down.  This suddenly made sense because when people come to me with what they think is an embarrassing financial situation regarding their house, I don’t even flinch. We just begin to work towards solving the problem.

Here’s my point:  It really doesn’t matter what the situation is that you are facing as a buyer or seller. Chances are, your Realtor has already encountered something similar. We’ve seen and heard it all. Whatever the problem is, we don’t judge. We don’t criticize. We don’t chastise. Our goal is to fix the problem. So if you see something coming your way, keep calm and call your Realtor. We can help you navigate through it. Don’t let your pride get in the way.  Let us help!