The Copper Nail reaches $200,000 milestone

Together, the Grass Lake community has – through donors, volunteers and shoppers – reached a milestone. On March 21, 2015, at the Grass Lake Business Expo, we will celebrate the giving of $200,000 back to our community.

The Copper Nail is a community non-profit resale shop located in the center of historic Grass Lake, Michigan.

The mission of The Copper Nail is to provide financial support to non-profit organizations in the Grass Lake area in order to assist them in meeting their group goals. To achieve this mission, we will operate a community resale shop retailing donated items to the community. All merchandise will be donated to the shop and operations will be performed by volunteers.

Volunteers are need.

The Copper Nail
P. O. Box 703
111 E. Michigan Ave.
Grass Lake, Michigan 49240
(517) 522-8514
Copper Nail Grass Lake MI

The Copper Nail - Grass Lake MI